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Defining A PathChanger

Updated: Aug 30, 2019

What is a PathChanger? As we all go on this journey called life together, there are people who cross our paths that make a cataclysmic difference! Those people, I call PATHCHANGERS!

People who either shape us or reshape us. People who change everything. People who point us in the direction of something so positive and something that makes us unrecognizable to those who knew us before.

For many of us our mothers and fathers are our PathChangers. Or would they be called Path starters. I don't know. For many who are less fortunate, it is those who they are in search of to take the place of that mother and father they may have never had a relationship with. I write this story with a heavy, heavy heart. We all have pain. We all go through storms in life. Those storms shape us. Those storms strengthen our character and thicken our skin. If you are in the midst of a storm, a drought or a fire, I can feel your pain. However, we all must embrace that it is necessary. It's all part of the test. It's all part of the plan. As soon as we come to grips with the reason for the storm, drought and fire, we can at least have the peace of mind to know that it will pass. What's on the other side is the glory, the celebration, the peace and the freedom. We go through droughts, we go through the fire and we pray for the rain! Not knowing when the rain is coming, we hope and pray that it is near. If these words touch your soul, then you're simply human. They are touching mine as I write these words. I was fortunate to have a loving mother and still do. A woman who forgives me and shows me unconditional LOVE! That is the greatest love. God does the same. God promises to bury all of our sins at the bottom of the deepest ocean. How profound is that? I now have a son and my paradigm has completely changed because of it. I thank God everyday for the gift of a son. I am writing this because I needed to hear these words myself. I am on a path of personal and professional growth. Everyday I challenge myself spiritually, mentally, emotionally, physically, relation-ally, nutritionally and financially. EVERY DAY! I encourage you to do the same. Balance is what I am after in my life. These 7 areas are called the PathChangers Pillars! If you are interested in following the PathChangers journey and you have enjoyed this post, share it and go to PathChangers page on Facebook and follow along! Whooohooooo! Michael V. Zappia PathChanger